Agile Methodology

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agile methodology

TTPL is committed to provide quality services to clients while employing the
most advanced development approaches.


Agile is one of the most prominent collaborative development approaches. With short-term software development cycles known as iterations, this strategy introduces new modifications through continual communication and cooperation.

  • Reduces risk and prioritises people over processes.
  • Divide tasks into smaller modules called sprints.
  • Predetermined scope of work and assign dedicated people to teams.
  • Bifurcate work till the final release.

Agile Product Development Architecture

Leverage our Agile product development expertise to experience one-of-a-kind structured scrum
approach aligned to collaboration, coordination, and communication.


Key Benefits of Using Our Agile Methodology

30% time-to-market acceleration

We deliver high-quality solutions with a 30% shorter time to market by utilizing agile frameworks like scrum and lean.

Enhanced transparency

The team is always informed following the most recent sprint because of the agile software development methodology.

Create Products of the Highest Quality

Our team makes sure that all new features are planned in advance so they can create bug-free solutions right away.


20% cost savings

Our agile processes for delivering products and engagement models guarantee that development costs are kept tightly under contro

Enhanced Flexibility and Lower Risk

Our agile teams are effective and quickly adopt the changes that lower the risk of project failure. Our product owners are scrum certified.

Enhanced Flexibility and Lower Risk

Our agile teams are effective, and our scrum certified product owners are quick to adopt and implement changes that lower the risk of project failure