About Us

TTPL is a consulting and software development company that provides clients with customised software from mobile, web applications utilising the most up-to-date technology and with our experienced team. Our head office is based in India and a team based in the UK which caters for English, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian speaking countries.


We do what we love & we love what we do

Empowering innovation through custom software solutions and IT consulting services globally

  • Develop IT solutions that will reshape business processes, with a focus on innovation and value development.
  • We not only create software but also educate our clients.
  • Our continued development and training programmes ensure that we are always prepared to deliver a wide range of high level services to our valued clients, utilising the cutting edge technology.
  • Our focus is on end to end project execution and management dependability models. We provide turnaround guarantees for any project we take on, backed up by extensive management planning and oversight.

Thummar Technologies is based in India with presence in the United Kingdom a gate way to European clients and Asia catering for global clients. We are a software development and consulting company that provides clients with customised software, web, and mobile application requirements in a variety of fields by utilising the most up-to-date technology and experience. If need be a fully managed service with included helpdesk, hosting and customer service.

We are proficient in codifying difficult customer needs using our best thought process. We have a strong team of IT professionals that are committed to fulfilling the needs of our clients on time and with great quality. We provide a wide range of solutions across the world, with a focus on how to realise thoughts through innovations and technology.

The company was created by a group of enthusiastic IT professionals who wanted to break free from the routine and develop a company that would operate in the market not only for the purpose of financial success but also for the sake of IT itself. Thus, the company's objective was defined: to contribute to the forward-thinking change of society through software creation.

This has resulted in highly beneficial long-term working partnerships all across the world. Our rigorous project process was developed to ensure that our projects are finished on time, under budget, and to the great satisfaction of our clients.

We always try to understand
users expectation

By continually striving to understand users' expectations, we aim to foster long-term relationships and build trust with our clients

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Why Choose Thummar Technologies

Strategically positioned to deliver outstanding user experiences to respond to the
ever-changing needs through emerging technologies.

Innovative Models

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Core Values

Thummar Technologies always believes in putting the customer first, above all else. Customer
satisfaction is our highest priority.

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    Agile is neither a philosophy or a technique; rather, it is a component of being Agile that is directed by principles, defined by values, and exhibited via numerous behaviors.

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    When you give a product or service and the accompanying brand experience that is especially tailored to solve their problem, you add value to your consumer.

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    The Core Team will function as a Scrum Team, with quarterly goals to ensure that we run financial, administrative, and project management prospectively.

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    We are always accessible to help you with any questions or problems you may have, at any time and from any location.