Turant Sales

Most sales CRM available in the market today are difficult to use , they need a lot of customisation which eats up time and money which small businesses cannot afford. These CRM’s are complex and need a lot of training and software support to get going.

Sales is a painstaking process involving a lot of prospecting before an engaged customer can be found. The prospecting period is important, and you cannot spend a lot of time making data entries into the CRM. So, if your sales involve finding a lot of new customers Turant Sales is a CRM for you , it frees up your time to engage more with customers vis-a-vis spending time on the CRM process. You can create and delete contacts in a second and only when you are comfortably engaged with your contacts you can get into detailing and deeper engagements.

We provided best software solution for sales person and make the day easy in day to day activity and its very convience to maintaing work properly. The system it self remind you based on configuration and some set of rules by the admin to make sure we dont loose any contact with clients or customers. .

Hanif Sohrab

CRM, MVC, c#, Sql server