MEDICO - The Comprehensive Pharmacy Management System

Efficiently managing a pharmacy's intricate operations, such as procurement, inventory, and prescription fulfillment, is no small task. Enter MEDICO, an innovative pharmacy management software designed to streamline every facet of a pharmacy's daily operations.
With MEDICO, pharmacists can redirect their focus from routine paperwork to patient care. The software's comprehensive control over workflows, compliance, and analytics translates to heightened customer satisfaction and increased profitability. Elevate your pharmacy management experience with MEDICO.

Key Features:
  • - Inventory Management - Tracks drug stocks, expiration dates, reorder levels. Generates replenishment orders.
  • - Prescription Management - Electronically captures patient details, Rx images. Supports e-prescribing and refill requests.
  • - Billing & Payments - Processes insurance claims, handles multiple payment modes including online. Issues invoices and receipts.
  • - Patient Portal - Allows patients to view prescription history, request renewals, pay online and communicate with pharmacists.
  • - Procurement - Sourcing platform to procure drugs directly from manufacturers at best pricing. Tracks orders and receipts.
  • - Compliance - Helps maintain compliance with pharmacy laws and drug authorities. Supports audit-ready reports.
  • - Analytics - Provides insights into best-selling drugs, patient demographics, inventory levels etc.
  • - Interfaces - Integrates with laboratories, insurance payers for easy exchange of data and payments.
  • - Inventory Barcoding - Enables contactless scanning during prescription filling for accuracy.
  • - Multi-User, Multi-Location - Can manage multiple pharmacy locations simultaneously through a central database.

With MEDICO, pharmacists can focus on patient-care freed from routine paperwork. Full control over workflows, compliance and insights helps increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Clare Green


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